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NOS Style Water Bottle

NOS Style Water Bottle

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Introducing the Ultimate Garage Sidekick: The NOS-Inspired Drink Bottle!

Rev up your hydration game with the NOS-inspired drink bottle – the must-have accessory for every true car enthusiast. Whether you're elbow-deep in that "30-minute job" that somehow turned into an 8-hour garage marathon or simply looking to cool down at a scorching car meet, this bottle has your back, and it's packing style.

Just like your trusty wrench and that one-of-a-kind chrome finish, this bottle is a statement piece. Crafted to resemble the iconic NOS gas bottle, it's a nod to your passion for all things automotive. Every sip is a reminder of the thrill of burning rubber and the sweet sound of your engine roaring to life.

So, grab your NOS-inspired drink bottle and join the ranks of the car community who understand that it's not just about the destination; it's about the journey! Whether you're fine-tuning your ride or taking a pit stop at a car meet, do it in style with the bottle that's as cool as your passion for all things automotive.

Drive on, drink up, and let your love for cars flow as freely as your favorite fuel. Cheers to the ride! 🏁🚗💨


  • Capacity: 500ml/16.9oz
  • Weight: 227gr/0.5lbs
  • Dimensions: 23cm/9inch height, 7cm/2.7inch diameter
  • Material: High-quality double layer aluminum
  • Cap: Screw-on with rubber seal
  • Style: NOS/Nitrous oxide bottle design
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