About Us

About us
We are car enthusiasts located in Germany, dedicated to providing the best products and accessories for car lovers all around the world. Our journey began in 2016 as an online shop selling JDM and car-related T-shirts and hoodies. In 2023, we re-launched our store with brand new designs and better quality to become a one-stop-shop for all car enthusiasts.


Most important to us is delivering great quality.
We are sick of overpriced products that are simply imported from China and do not hold up after the first time washing them. That's why all our products are produced with the best technology for textile prints. Our shirts and hoodies are made with DTG (Direct To Garment) print, allowing for great colors, details and long lasting prints while keeping our shirts and hoodies soft and cozy. Our products consist of 90% cotton resulting in light and breezy shirts and soft and cozy hoodies.

A shop run by car enthusiasts, not businessmen.
Lets be real: At the end of the day, we are just some car guys that want some cool apparel to wear on car meets or in the garage. So why not share our ideas and designs with the car community? This is why LOWERWORX was founded. And we are always open to input from other car enthusiasts. If you have a design in mind, hit us up!

Good Prices for both sides.
While we probably could charge the outrageous prices other JDM shops have, we decided to stay a little more reasonable.
Enabling more people to afford our products while slowly growing our business. And your money is well invested. Our profits go back into LOWERWORX to improve the quality of our shop, create new and unique designs, offer giveaways, sponsor car content creators and much more to help the car community grow.

Speaking of partner.
We also offer a partner program for content creator, influencer, and professionals. If you are in the JDM scene and you have or build an audience, go check out partner.lowerworx.com to get some benefits for you and your followers! We are excited to have you join Team LOWERWORX.
Even if you only have a couple hundred followers, go ahead and apply. We are excited to support small creators as well as big ones!


Thank you for taking some time to learn about LOWERWORX and supporting a small business.

If you ever have any concerns or questions, feel free to reach out to me personally at any time: sascha[at]lowerworx.com

- Sascha